Wednesday, September 16, 2015


And we are all found,

Seeking or sleeping, 

He finds us. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Live

In the promise land. 

Promised land. 

Living in the promised land...

Taken care of. Fed. Dressed. Protected. Loved. 

Your back, it's been gotten. 

The essence of doubt and self hatred blew away with the wind of change and that change took place a long long time ago.

Joy days for days. Fully guarded on each side. Nothing penetrating can hit the mark of the heart. 

You weren't made for that. New nature runs through the veins. Purchased. Paid for. Worthy. 

You. Are. Worthy. 

A replica. An original replica, walking round creating images of the artist. Everyone needs a piece of you. Your message carries weight. 

Freak out. FREAK OUT. 

This is a big deal. Defy the odds. Defy the news. The media. The pessimists. 

Unknowns just got a little less scary. Watch fear take a back seat. Actually, leave the car. Perfect love drove fear away so you could be you. 

Perfect. Blameless. Holy. 

Life in the promise land. 

Welcome. You are welcome. 

Here's your ticket. Spread the word. Admission will cost you your life. Your ugly messed up, control filled life, traded for perfect freedom. At every corner. 

Freedom. To be free and live. 

Really live. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Family makes the world go 'round! In case you haven't heard, here's the word...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Process

A mess. 

Not what you had hoped for. 

Less than beautiful. Or so you think. 

I've been looking for Him through this renovation. You know He is always speaking. And I hadn't heard a thing. 

I've actually been down. Really, really down. 

But I keep looking for Him, like really looking, and I finally heard something today. 

If it wasn't for the mess, there would be no room for transformation. No before and after. No story to show off what He's done. 

And then I immediately was brought to the cross. 

The cross. 

The ultimate disgrace and humiliation, turned upside down inside out, until the whole world was saved in a moment. His big mess, to the eyes of the world, was saving their lives. 

And theirs. And theirs. And theirs. 

We were born into messes. We lack things. Not stuff "things", but things in our character or personalities or giftings. 

And then, when you let Him, He renovates your heart and you feel the process. It's painful sometimes. But the process isn't complete until you're on the other side. 

Side Beautiful. 

Side Grace. 

Side Hope. 

Side New. 

Somewhere in the last days, I had lost sight of the end result and been overwhelmed with the process. 

Hallelujah! See again! Thank again! 

I'm praying that we have strength to seek Him when we don't hear and thank Him throughout the mess. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dad is 61!!!

Today is the day! We celebrate 61 years of my dad's life. 

He and I, we go way back. I can remember him teaching me how to ride my bike. It was the bike that he surprised me with Christmas morning. I slept on the couch and it was there when I opened my eyes. He held on to the back of my seat until I slowly got the hang of balance. 

And then there were all the times we went out to eat together. It feels like I was 5 when he taught me to go to the counter and politely ask for what I need. Usually extra sweet and sour sauce for my fries. 

We mowed the grass together for hours every week, me on the riding tractor and him trimming. He taught me that, "Whatever you do, do it well".

My dad spent his middle aged working years saving for me to go to college. He always told me how important that was, and after high school graduation, he did what he said he would do. He sent me to college, and I got out debt free. What a gift!

I remember microwaved dinners, nothing fancy, but we ate them together on TV trays. I remember beach trips every summer and of course, icecream each night. I remember him checking my homework at night and being proud after parent teacher conferences. 

We were buddies. I still marvel at his sacrifices. 

And the story I keep coming back to took place in the mornings. He worked the night shift and I would sleep over at grandma and grandpas. I knew what time to be ready for him to swing by on his way home from work, so he could take me to school. But, I just couldn't wait to see him. 

We bought walkie-talkies. 

I could talk with him from a couple miles away and know that Dad was going to be there soon to pick me up. Every morning. Dad and I talking on walkie-talkies in Grandma's living room. 

Pondering the past points to the present. Watching Dad with my children reminds me of all the sweet times we shared. He has such a big heart. I have to remind him the kids need consequences sometimes! ;)

Happy birthday Dad! Your 61 years have taught me to love big. You are strong and steadfast, and I admire that in you. 

I love you! Cheers to many, many more!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pep Talk

"You're looking at the situation in the natural, but you don't live in the natural. You are supernatural. Take your eyes off the situation and put them back on me."

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"If you let go of the journey, you let go of the reward."

About 2 years ago, the lord asked me to walk away from a friendship. At first, there was so much grace to obey. I knew I heard God's voice and I knew I wanted to obey. But within a few months, I started realizing the magnitude of my decision, and how this one choice was effecting every single day of my life. 

It was a divorce for me and my obedience was being walked out daily. 

In this new season of clarity, Jesus became something more to me than ever before. He was always the one who loved me. He was always my strength and my provider. He was always my savior and my redemption. But now, He was becoming my personal best friend. 

I was driving in my car about a year after this loss and I let my mind race to what life may be like if I chose differently, had not obeyed, and went back to how things were. And then He spoke to me again. 

"If you let go of the journey, you let go of the reward."

God was reminding me that through every season of obedience, there is a maturity that follows. It's the labor that precedes the birth. The contractions of growth. 

I am here to encourage you in the journey you are on. Whether you've said yes to a relocation, a new job, a birth, or a new responsibility, God is faithful and the reward stands before you. 

If you let go of the journey, you let go of the reward, and we know...that His rewards are worth it. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

God and Starbucks

It's the Monday after my birthday. It feels almost embarrassing, all the celebrating we have done around here. I just pinch myself and slip up some thank yous for the husbandfamilyfriends who slobber me with love like they mean it. 

This is it. The first day of the rest of my life. And tomorrow, the same thing. No fear. Just love. 

Wanna hear a crazy story? A little snippet from our weekend? Saturday before leaving for King of Prussia, Brandon stopped at Starbucks for coffee. We tried the drive thru, but 10 cars in front of us caused us to back out of the line. Inside I went, noticing 3 semi-familiar faces in front of me. Possibly from church I "know" them, I smiled politely and waited for my turn. After the 3 chatted a minute, one of them offered to take my drink order and pay. I tried to refuse and told them I was buying drinks for 5 friends too (you can't road trip without coffee in hand), but Tim said 5 was the number of grace and proceeded to pay for my order. How kind. We chatted for a minute about how long I've been at Life Center and then the Starbucks employee interrupted and asked for my name for the cup.

Sam, I said. 

And then the 3 of them laughed. They pulled out a white piece of paper on which my name, Sam, was written!

A little while before their starbucks trip they had talked with God about the day and who they could pray for and bless, and the only name they heard was, Sam. Although, when they walked in

to Starbucks and only saw women, they never thought they would meet a "Sam" in there. 

But, alas, they did. Me. 

I know this is long, but it was SO encouraging. I had to share. The lady, Joy, prayed for me. She prophesied things and prayed things that spoke right to my heart. God whispered pieces to her that I knew were right on target. 

And then I thanked them and hopped back in the car. Just like that. 

God loves you SO much that He will even talk to other people about you. He is everywhere you go, even when you aren't looking for Him. And His words over you and to you are ALWAYS good. Always. 

Cheers to going for it! Today and every day!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Facts from February

She paced the keys on her Mac, only to come up with this:

There has to be more to February than sickness.

There has to be.

Wait. What?

There isn't?

Not this year?



I'm not usually a complainer. I can't even blame it on these disgustingly low temps or my husband being gone for a zillion days in a row, coming home just after bedtime.

It's sickness. Which leads to sad kids. Which leads to a life lived inside my home, sans friends and play dates. Sans church. Sans activities.

In light of my complaints, I shall attempt to see the silver lining in all of this.

Referencing the past 10 days: fevers, sore throats, coughs, diarrhea, and throwing up

The positive: all of my linens in the entire house are washed, all. of. them.

we have spent ample, huge, monstrous, hours of QT together

we actually used the DVR and cable channels that we rarely watch, but still pay for

every surface has been sanitized, wiped, and dusted

i relearned that sitting and just "being" is ok. in fact, it's actually really good for my soul

good friends look out for you, even when you say no

a full night of sleep has never felt so good

hours spent sitting means hours to read my ol' Bible app, crushing the Read your Bible in a Year plan

empathy, nothing says real empathy like when you've been there too and you can relate

Cheers from the SickNowHealthy House! I suppose the cup half full would be that there are still 2 weeks left and those, THOSE will be healthy ones!